Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Panaji - Day 05

What a hectic time its been! Driving everyday early morning, to Dona Paula, with only the Zuari for company - till Agassaim.

Our trainers really put our budding kayakers thro' the grind - the results are there for all to see! A bunch of confident kayakers who can launch, steer, and track reasonably well. All have learnt to dunk and get in, especially in deep water, far out.

In the pic' below you see our kayakers headed for Dona Paula jetty.

What remains to be seen tomorrow, sadly our last day in Panaji - is whether our young friends have acquired the confidence to venture out into the different rivers, bays and lakes on their own.

2 GK kayaks resting !

Vibhu and Vidhatri - our newest kayakers, started only yesterday. they enjoyed it so much that they both have extended by 4 days.

Spike - Goa Kayaking's mascot!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goa Kayaking's 1st All Goa Open Solo Kayak Race

Goa Kayaking's 1st All Goa Open Solo Kayak Race will be held for kayaks, under 3.0 metres, shortly.

Watch this site, for further details!

Panaji - Day 01 -Hotel Cidade de Goa, Vaingunim beach

A cool morning, a light mist hanging over the dark glassy waters and a gentle south westerly blowing - what a start to the day!

Above are the Panaji Kayakers with me with cap. I really don't know how d cap came on so early with no sun overhead!

Hotel Cidade de Goa have chipped in to sponsor the program and hence it was shifted to
Vaingunim beach, which makes it very convenient for all, with superb hospitality and logistics thrown in. Thanks Cidade!

Our trainer in the water instructing trainees in the basics with the Dona Paula jetty making a pretty back drop!

Here you see our trainer doing a beach session before the putin.

The next batch awaits their turn. Notice the Surf Life Saving, Goa, lifeguards in red on the jetski.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Panaji program - Important announcement

All Panaji kayakers are informed that they have to come to Vainginuim (Hotel Cidade de Goa) Beach, Dona Paula for the program and NOT Hawaii Beach. This has been necessitated, due to logistical and emergency response service arrangements.
Hotel Cidade de Goa will also be promoting the event by way of providing hospitality and logistic support.
Please be on the beach at the boathouse by 6.45 am.
See you there!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Backwater expeditions

  • Goa Kayaking's first backwater expedition no. 01, on Ribander backwaters starts 7 am. May 07, 2009. This first day expedition is open to Goa Kayaking members only and includes light snacks, thirst quenchers and excitement, guaranteed!
    Rated at difficulty level 3 (easy), will help prepare you for our next day expedition to the Chorao bird sanctuary on the 16/17th May.
    Expedition limited to members with their own kayaks, max of 16 on a first come basis, excluding the team leader and tail.
    Register early!

Panaji ... here we come!

The Panaji program starts April 18, 2009 at Hawaii Beach, Dona Paula at 7 am.
Forms have already been deposited at Angleys, Panaji. Register and fill them up.
The fees - Rs.1500/- Goa Kayaking membership from April 01, 2009-March 31, 2010 + Rs.1500/- program fees, TOTAL Rs.3000/-
See you there!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 5 - Vasco, Hollant bay

Another calm day, the sea as flat and placid as a pond, a few trainees were missing today! probably b'cause of Good Friday obligations.

Confidence levels of the trainees is so high - no trainers anymore and a batch of them went out 1.5 km. into the sea! Even little Ranjun, Gaurav and Pralhad got in on the act and joined their older friends far, far out on the placid and inviting waters of the Arabian sea.

With quite a few missing - those in attendance got a good chance to spend a longer time on the water. Sunil did a good job today, accompanying the youngsters on 2 of their deep out paddles. Thanks Sunil! who is seen here relaxing with son Neil.

Jus' 2 days left to finish in Vasco - we're now looking forward to Panaji and then later, our first backwater expeditions for members, before we pack up for the monsoons.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 4 - Vasco, Hollant Bay

Another calm day, flat water - more like a pond. With the life guards on the jetski in attendance, I took our trainees far out - 800 to 1000 metres away on the water!

All, very young n old gamely did their best and succeeded. Whew! that WAS tiring. Here you see them cooling off after the day's paddle.
Ketan, Dhananjay, Warren, Rama, Savio and Richard.

Could'nt upload the pics from my video cam today. Lost the data cable. Getting old! I'll put them up tomorrow.
Here's Harsh n his little sis'

and that's Sunil n Abhijeet.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 3 - Vasco Hollant bay

With the sea as flat as a lake, I decided to take our kayakers tracking in single file almost a kilometre out!
After a 40 minute paddle on the open waters,
Nishika, Renee, Rohit n Ryan enjoy a well deserved rest.
Great fun even better to see all coming on and picking up their kayaking skills. Little Ranjun made it far out on the water today. Great, Ranjun!
Rama jus loves sitting in the kayak as u can see here! Duckling?!!
Can u tell, whether she's going forward or backwards?!!

Thanks Rohit for the pics'. Please send me slightly bigger files.
Pralhad Deshpande from Belgaum joined us today, 2 days late, but still managed to pick up a few skills.

Day 2 - Vasco Hollant bay

Our trainers today took the trainees 400 metres away on the water with 2 life guards on a jet ski in attendance from Drishti Special Response Services and Surf Life Saving, Goa. Adds to every one's confidence, you know! Trainees were taken out in the sea, toppled their kayaks and practiced getting in again. Whew! that was something! Ask Nishika or Savio or even Rohit and Ryan. With a gentle breeze blowing in after 9.30 am., it was a wonderful experience for all on the water! Ranjun did'nt go out 400 today. Said he'll try tomorrow.

Time till 16th April, 2009 for Panaji registrations

The last date for registrations for the Panaji kayaking program has now been extended up till the 16th April. This is because the SSC exams finish on the 15th.
Registrations will be accepted only at Angleys, Panaji.
Looking forward to seeing a good and enthusiastic bunch of would be kayakers from Panaji!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Panaji Kayakers 2009

1. Ridge Walter Martins
2. Saurabh Bhide
3. Elias Patel
4. Swapnil Phadte
5. Mark D'Souza
6. Oscar Viana
7. Andrew Rasquinha
8. Suraj Sukthankar
9. Kenneth Travasso
10. Keith Alvares

Vasco kayakers - groups n timings

Vasco kayakers have been divided into 3 batches and will come in at the following times from Wednesday April 8, 2009. (please come in at least 15 minutes early)
The more serious practice starts now!
Batch 1 (07 - 08 am.)
S.D.Tripathi, Richard Pinto, Dhananjay Salkar, Abhijeet Salkar, Gaurav Salkar, Savio Andrade, Ranjan Singh, Rama Salkar.
Batch 2 (8 – 9 am.)
Ketan Alfonso, Harsh Keshkamat, Asher Saldanha, Sunil Kumar, Pralhad Deshpande, Blaze Costabir, Kirk Fernandes, Warren Fernandes.
Batch 3 (9 – 10 am.)
Renee Martins, Nishika Vaz, Rohit Devan, Ryan Rebello, Kevin Rodrigues, Alisha Alfonso, Vishal Alfonso.

Day 1 of the Vasco program

Wonderful cool morning! tho' it did get uncomfortable around 10.30 am.

Our trainers did their best to teach all 21 present, the different strokes.

Great time for those not kayaking, cooling off in d water !

SAG's ED, Prabhudesai, put in an appearance and wished d kayakers all the best.

Our trainers organized a team race for the participants, which
was won by the blue team. Congrats!

Toppling the kayak, righting it n
getting on board in deep water was tried by all.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vasco program inaugural

The Executive Director of the Sports Authority of Goa, Mr. V.M. Prabhudesai, will inaugurate our Introduction to Kayaking program, on Monday, April 06, 2009.
Mr. Lawrence Rodrigues, Sarpanch of Velsao, Hollant,
and Mr. Tony Pereira, President of Hollant Bay Fisherman's Association will also grace the function.
Goa Tourism Department will provide the Safety Management Services thro' Drishti Emergency Response Services Pvt. Ltd.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Safety standards to be followed

-safety standards to be followed
* Check your equipment to ensure that your kayak is seaworthy with no cracks or holes to the hull
* The paddle is not damaged in any way as this is your means of propulsion.
* Always wear your safety gear - a PFD (personal flotation device) is a must.
* It is always advisable to kayak with a friend/s or if kayaking alone ensure you inform a family member/friend where you intend to kayak and for how long.
* Is it permissible to kayak at the location of your intended kayaking session?
* Do other people use the same location for swimming or local fisherman for their livelihood - they have as much right if not more to enjoy themselves – COURTSEY and CONSIDERATION will go a long way to ensure you have an enjoyable day and enhance the reputation of the sport for yourself and other kayakers.
* Check tide conditions - it is safer to kayak on an incoming tide (high) as compared to an outgoing tide (low) , strong/rip currents, is the area clear of rocks and any other hidden dangers, local people are your best source of information to any dangers you may encounter heed their advice.
* When launching and landing your kayak ensure there is enough distance between you and any other water users.
* Do not kayak in stormy or rainy weather.
* Do not attach yourself to your kayak by a rope or bungee cord this can cause you harm if you do capsize especially in surf as the kayak will hit you.
* Last but not least Kayak ONLY AS FAR AS YOU ARE WILLING TO SWIM.

What each should wear or carry(eg. swimsuit, cap, tshirt (synthetic), sunblock, etc.)

* Board Shorts/Tights and a rash vest or long sleeve T shirt (synthetic not cotton) that is quick drying.
* A pair of rubber sole neoprene shoes (preferable) or crocs / rubber shoes will do
* A cap/floppy hat preferably one that covers the back of the neck.
* Apply/carry 20+ or higher sun block cream.
* A pair of dark glasses with a tie, does help to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun reflecting off the water.
* A good supply of drinking water.
* A small fruit/snack/bar of chocolate.

Vasco kayakers

1. Asher Saldanha (12 yrs.)
2. Renne Martins (14 yrs.)
3. Nishika Vaz (14 yrs.)
4. S.D.Tripathi (32 yrs.)
5. Harsh Keshkamat (11 yrs.)
6. Dhananjay Salkar (2yrs.)
7. Gaurav Salkar (08 yrs.)
8. Abhijeet Salkar (41 yrs.)
9. Rama Salkar (14 yrs.)
10.Pralhad Deshpande (10 yrs.)
11.Richard Pinto (36 yrs.)
12.Rohit Devan (16 yrs.)
13.Ryan Rebello (16 yrs.)
14.Blaze Costabir (45 yrs.)
15.Kevin Rodrigues (19 yrs.)
16.Ranjan Singh (10 yrs.)
17.Sunil K. Balekundri (34 yrs.)
18.Warren Fernandes (14 yrs.)
19.Kirk Fernandes (12 yrs.)
20.Vishal Alfonso (20 yrs.)
21. Alisha Alfonso (16 yrs.)
22.Ketan Alfonso (13 yrs.)
23.Savio Pereira Andrade (36 yrs.)