Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 3 - Vasco Hollant bay

With the sea as flat as a lake, I decided to take our kayakers tracking in single file almost a kilometre out!
After a 40 minute paddle on the open waters,
Nishika, Renee, Rohit n Ryan enjoy a well deserved rest.
Great fun even better to see all coming on and picking up their kayaking skills. Little Ranjun made it far out on the water today. Great, Ranjun!
Rama jus loves sitting in the kayak as u can see here! Duckling?!!
Can u tell, whether she's going forward or backwards?!!

Thanks Rohit for the pics'. Please send me slightly bigger files.
Pralhad Deshpande from Belgaum joined us today, 2 days late, but still managed to pick up a few skills.

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