Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 5 - Vasco, Hollant bay

Another calm day, the sea as flat and placid as a pond, a few trainees were missing today! probably b'cause of Good Friday obligations.

Confidence levels of the trainees is so high - no trainers anymore and a batch of them went out 1.5 km. into the sea! Even little Ranjun, Gaurav and Pralhad got in on the act and joined their older friends far, far out on the placid and inviting waters of the Arabian sea.

With quite a few missing - those in attendance got a good chance to spend a longer time on the water. Sunil did a good job today, accompanying the youngsters on 2 of their deep out paddles. Thanks Sunil! who is seen here relaxing with son Neil.

Jus' 2 days left to finish in Vasco - we're now looking forward to Panaji and then later, our first backwater expeditions for members, before we pack up for the monsoons.

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