Monday, October 26, 2009

Panaji Kayakers - October 09

Alexander Sequeira
Nishitha Zachariah
Tarini Singh
Gaurav Jaswal
Rohit Kulkarni
Vikram Fernandes
Peter Dias
Kumar Chiplunkar
Nishika Agarwal
Vidhatri Bopanna

Philippe explaining how to lift/carry a kayak

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 4 - Hollant bay

Jus' like the previous days still glassy waters minus the meavy mist and dew.
Huge shoals of fish in the waters(me guess is they're sardines) 600 meters out shimmering in the water.
Our trainees went tracking thro the rocks today. Did they enjoy that! Should have seen the smile on doctor's (Manju)face! She sure takes to the water.
Sadly missed out watching the tv coverage on GOA 365 yesterday? Did any of you watch it?
Had a wonderful time on shore with Raghu's pet lab, MANU. Boy! ain't he cute!
(the sun was sure up as can u see reflected off my fast balding head!)

Batches only for tomorrow are as follows:
B-1: Swapan, Dr. Manju, Dr. Satish, Sonia
B-2: Vrushal, Warren, Jordan
B-3: Bharat, Mangesh, Raghu, Mitaxi

Saturday, sadly our last day at Hollant will be an open day. We hope all of you will try and be there for the full 3 hrs. 7-10 am. Relaxed pace. Let's discuss how we can go forward from here. Any and all of your suggestions will help make things better! A different point of view is always welcome and maybe we could improve on our offerings.
Each one please carry some snacks/fruits to share with d others.

Anyone interested in buying kayaks? Maybe we could all place an order together n work things out. Kayaks r d need of the hour!

Swapan, Philippe, Anton and Warren jus after landfall at 10 am. 2day!

Philippe n Swapan clowning for the GK camera! candid shot? what!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2 & 3

Barring a few aches and pains(normal), all our kayakers turned up for their second and third sessions.
Day 2 saw them going out almost 500 metres on still glassy waters a lot of new paddling strokes and techniques from our patient trainer Philippe.

Here you see Swapan, Vrushal, Mangesh, Raghu and Bharat posing for the Goa Kayaking's camera after a
long K(h)ike on the waters

A tired but happy Sonia

My my! Jordan wave riding without a jacket. no good!

Swapan riding - floating in

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hollant program - Batches

All participants are requested to report at the following times.
The real serious solo practice starts now.
Batch 1 (07 - 08 am.)
Dr. Manju Khandeparkar, Dr. Satishchandra Khandeparkar, Ms. Mitaxi Mehta, Ms. Sonia Teles. Vrushal Dubhashi(o)

Batch 2 (8 – 9 am.)
Bharat Deshpande, Mangesh Bedekar, Raghunath Ratabole, Swapan Purkait, Warren D’Costa(o)

Batch 3 (9 – 10 am.)
Jordan Carvalho, Vrushal Dubhashi, Warren D’Costa, Ryan Rebelo, Ketan Alfonso (o)

Day 1 - Hollant bay

Our 3rd introduction to kayaking and practice program was off to a rousing start yesterday morning at 7 am. atHollant bay.

A heavy mist hanging over the still waters and a slight chill in the air only spurred the enthusiastic kayakers, both young and old, who are taking part in the program.

Our trainer philippe, first explained and demonstrated the basics of kayaking and the different strokes on the beach and later each participant was given several opportunities to try their hand at the sport.
Six basic kayaking paddling strokes were demonstrated and explained. Trainees were all made to topple the kayak in shallow water and then taught to right an upturned kayak and board the same. So confident were they, that within an hours, every one had mastered the art of dunking, righting and reboarding the kayak in deep water 100 metres out on the sea!

As a finale to the first day, all participants were taken 400/600 meters out on the sea to give them their first feel of freedom on the water.
Me thinks that they're enjoying it already!
Let's hope our GK rockstar Raghu brings his lab tomorrow. The BITS guys+Ms. seem to be enjoying themselves evey bit!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lists for entries kept at collection centres

List for collection of entries and fees for Goa Kayaking's 3rd introduction to kayaking and training program are now open in Panaji at

Angleys Sports, Panaji
Champs Sports, Panaji
Nobert's Fitness Studio, Miramar Dona Paula Road
Hotel Cidade de Goa

All waiver forms will be filled in at the beach on the first day of the program. Parents of those below 18, please accompany the child on the first day, to counter sign the forms.
See you all on the 26th!

This program is being sponsored by Hotel Cidade de Goa and is being conducted in association with DRISHTI and Surf Life Saving Goa who will provide complete peace of mind! and safety services,for both parents and participants!
Thanks Cidade!
Thanks Drishti!

Vasco kayakers so far......for the 3rd program October 19-24, 2009

1. Vrushal Dubashi
2. Dr. Manju Khandeparkar
3. Dr. Satishchandra Khandeparkar
4. Warren D'Costa
5. Jordan Carvalho
6. Bharat Deshpande
7. Mangesh Bedekar
8. Sonia Teles
9. Ms. Mitaxi Mehta
10. Raghunath Ratabole
11. Swapan Purkait
12. Ketan Alfonso