Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Panaji - Day 05

What a hectic time its been! Driving everyday early morning, to Dona Paula, with only the Zuari for company - till Agassaim.

Our trainers really put our budding kayakers thro' the grind - the results are there for all to see! A bunch of confident kayakers who can launch, steer, and track reasonably well. All have learnt to dunk and get in, especially in deep water, far out.

In the pic' below you see our kayakers headed for Dona Paula jetty.

What remains to be seen tomorrow, sadly our last day in Panaji - is whether our young friends have acquired the confidence to venture out into the different rivers, bays and lakes on their own.

2 GK kayaks resting !

Vibhu and Vidhatri - our newest kayakers, started only yesterday. they enjoyed it so much that they both have extended by 4 days.

Spike - Goa Kayaking's mascot!

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