Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 1 - Hollant bay

Our 3rd introduction to kayaking and practice program was off to a rousing start yesterday morning at 7 am. atHollant bay.

A heavy mist hanging over the still waters and a slight chill in the air only spurred the enthusiastic kayakers, both young and old, who are taking part in the program.

Our trainer philippe, first explained and demonstrated the basics of kayaking and the different strokes on the beach and later each participant was given several opportunities to try their hand at the sport.
Six basic kayaking paddling strokes were demonstrated and explained. Trainees were all made to topple the kayak in shallow water and then taught to right an upturned kayak and board the same. So confident were they, that within an hours, every one had mastered the art of dunking, righting and reboarding the kayak in deep water 100 metres out on the sea!

As a finale to the first day, all participants were taken 400/600 meters out on the sea to give them their first feel of freedom on the water.
Me thinks that they're enjoying it already!
Let's hope our GK rockstar Raghu brings his lab tomorrow. The BITS guys+Ms. seem to be enjoying themselves evey bit!

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