Monday, May 13, 2013

Goa Kayaking - Kayaking and camping in the rains!

Kayaking and camping in the monsoons!
Goa Kayaking introduces overnight kayaking n camping trips in the monsoons.

Introductory trips on June 8, 9, 2013
June 15, 16, 2013
every Sat/Sun and extended holiday weekend!

Explore, enjoy - have fun, be alive in the rains!

Go kayaking up the Zuari on an incoming tide,
stop for rest, snacks and cool off in the rain!

See graceful herons, the red wattled lapwing and the purple herons among others.

Make camp on the riverbank or in an orchard – set up your tent and help rustle up lunch!

All hands welcome!

Lunch in the shade or under the tarp – wear your raingear and come explore the countryside!

Walk the fields and smell the earth n grass!

Trek thro’ the forest or visit quaint village homesteads!
A hot mug of tea in the wet with tasty kanda bajjis is what you get!

Back to the camp at nightfall – hot bath and mellow (storm) lantern light

Dinner on the grill with chicken, sausages, rotis, veggies, corn on the cob, hot soup n cold beer!

Music n singing to get you in the mood – bonfire if no rain

Night in the rains in your waterproof tent, with the wind howling outside.

Lie awake in your tent and listen to the crickets, croaking frogs, the rain beating down on your tent and the sounds of the quiet night.

If you’re lucky –thousands of fireflies

Wake up to birdcalls n a cup of hot black tea.
Camp breakfast with free range eggs, pao/poi, sprouts n local fruit & more tea.

Pack your tent n gear n wear your rain poncho n hat.

Start kayaking again upriver with the incoming tide.

Marvel at the glistening, dripping, green on both banks

Check out the birdlife, the locals fishing – we’re now in the sweet (fresh) water zone!

Fishing net stakes on the river bed. An Osprey eyes you on a river pole.

The pied kingfisher dives for his morning bite.

The rains come down for a welcome cool.

and when it rains, it really pours!
Suddenly it stops, and all is quiet.

Drenched n soakin' wet, we approach the village cafe on the banks.

Hot welcome 'patal mix bajji with mirchi bhajjis, pao and more sweet tea!

Kayak some more thro the mangroves and make camp.
A change of clothes and time to cook lunch

Rice n spicy curry with fish/veggies on the side. Pickle n papad n fresh papaya.

Rest in the shade n contemplate the river.
Time now to see the village sights.

Visit some historic temples, ancient caves, and some unusual formations.

Cross rivulets and streams with perhaps a waterfall too.

Evening tea with fresh muffins/local biscuits (from the village bakery) by the lake.

Bid adieu to an exhilarating (tiring, aching?!) weekend!
Evening cab/coach back to starting point.

If this thrills you and you’d love to join in
then call
Goa Kayaking’s Prakash Alfonso -  9422056037 or mail

 (sadly,rain not guaranteed!)

All gear provided – kayaks, life jackets, paddles, safety ropes, 2 person tents (on twin sharing basis), mattress roll, tent lanterns, general lighting, camp cutlery, grills, camp stoves, bottled drinking water, all meals consisting of breakfast-1,  lunch-2, dinner bbq-1, evening tea n snacks-2, fresh local fruit, juice, snacks n water while kayaking.

Please bring your own:
1. 2 bedsheets n 1 air pillow
2. raincoat/poncho n rain cap/hat
3. umbrella (preferably big)
4. a pair of waterproof binoculars
5. your plate and plastic cup/tumbler, spoon, fork.
6. Mosquito/bug spray or repellant (all tents are mosquito/insect proof)
7. a small torch +headlamp
8. small ss flask for hot/cold beverages
9. small penknife/folding knife
10. two sets of spare dry clothes (you’ll need them!)
11. lots of enthusiasm for lots of fun!

While hiking/trekking, wear
1. Sensible quick drying clothes preferably light, cool synthetics. (cottons tho' cool, takes awfully long to dry out)
2. Shorts, 3/4s', hiking pants non knitted
3. a good pair of hiking shoes/boots (those which can get wet)
4. a hat with a brim + carry a baseball cap
5. sunglasses

and carry along

6. waterbottle
7. small tiffin box for packed food
8. a hiking stick/pole
9. a small rucksack/backpack preferably waterproof.






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