Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rainy, Wet August in Goa

Muddy waters!
Its been  a wet August so far! Lots of rain and lots of green everywhere.

Boring, dull, inviting green?
Quite frankly every thing's green and very boring. Green landscape and grey sky is what I'm talking about!

I suppose I shouldn't be complaining. Blessed as we are with abundant rainfall, clean air, no pollution and relatively dirt free.

But this period of enforced  inactivity is finally getting to me.

Placid waters
I am most certainly going out kayaking in the Zuari,  in the coming Ganesh Chathurthi holidays.

Those also itching to get their feet and head and every thing else wet, please join me!

All are welcome.

Call 9422056037 or mail

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