Monday, October 18, 2010

Goa Kayaking’sTrip of the month - October 24,2010

October 24, 2010 – The Nerul River Paddle

The small and fast flowing Nerul river is one of the most scenic in Goa.

Emptying into the Arabian Sea at the famous Coco beach, the thick green mangroves, birdlife and unique river bed fishing nets make it a must see trip for all ages.

As we paddle up river on a incoming tide, watch the early morning sunrise make an orange glow on the waters!

Hear temple bells as early morning prayers rise upwards with the rising sun – a new day!

Silently glide into the mangroves with your experienced trip leader and guide as you take in the breathing views and vistas that continually open in front of you.

Bird calls and the chirping of the young wet ones signals wake up as the mangroves come alive with bird and marine life at handshaking distance.

In total silence, glide along marveling at the different birds, small river bank dwellers and the early morning fishermen, laying their crab nets.

The river winds its way past paddy fields, ripening with yellow grain, fishing villages and moorings, quaint riverbank dwellings, some monstrous but unbelievable sights.

Oohs and Aahs! - a photographers’ paradise, we almost always finish late waiting for that one last picture, the right angle, a bungled pic’ or just plain soaking in the sun!

The Nerul river paddle – be there!

October 24, 2010(repeat Oct.26, 2010)

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