Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goa Kayaking's Moonlight Paddle on the Zuari river

Lightly paddle as you glide in the silvered darkness of the night!

Goa's Zuari river is one long, broad, silvery road where the moon is your guide and you the driver!

Experience and feel the silvered silence!

A timeless and treasured experience, brought to you this December by Goa Kayaking!

Dates: Daily starts on January 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7, 2015.

Starting at            : The San Jacinto Island in the Zuari Sancoale 7.0-9.30 pm.

Finishes at           : The Cortalim Ferry Jetty 10.30-11.54 pm.

Reporting time     : 7.15 pm. at the San Jacinto Island

For whom            : those with a sense of adventure and would like to experience a timeless silver float                               upriver!

No. of slots         :  First 12 get it.

Experience          : If you're fit to cycle, then you certainly are fit to go kayaking!

All this in addition to our Daily Kayaking Trips in the most scenic rivers of  Goa.
For details and group bookings, please call, Goa Kayaking's Prakash Alfonso on +91 9422056037 or mail

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