Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goa Kayaking's Ethereal Dream!

Moonlight river.

Down the moonlit river, I glide with my soul alone.

The glimmering water dances across my paddle, it sings to me songs of the unknown

Glistening whorls ripple into place, across my kayak their translucent lines trace.

Forevermore shall I sail this stream, and ever will live, this ethereal dream

For 18 kayakers, both young and old, who set out on this moonlight adventure in the Zuari river - could truly say they have lived this ethereal dream!

Many kayaking for the first time. Others for their first ever trip on the waters on paddle power!

As the paddle safari slowly wound its way past the majestic church of San Jacinto on the isle in the Zuari, the many curious onlookers and the merry makers on the bridge could only watch in awe and wonderment at the spirit of this group from all walks of life who set out to experience the beauty and meditative calm of the river by moonlight!

Our intreprid Kayakers in their night gear, getting ready for their moonlight adventure.

Nishita, Colwin, Victoria, Virashree, Mayur

Chiquita,Utpal, Rukma, Abhijeet, Hritika,Veena

Russell, Veena, Natisha, Ketan, Harish

All set to hit the waters!

Russell, Ketan, Veena, Natisha, Harish

Next full moon kayaking trips coming up in the Zuari on  December 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2013.

Pre booking a must.

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