Sunday, July 3, 2011

Goa in the rains!

What's Goa like in the rains? or rather the monsoons?

A frequently asked question by would be visitors to the state.

Simply wonderful! Green, green everywhere. All the dirt, and unseemly spots covered in a shawl of green, only adds to the picture.

And it rains! quite heavily most times and especially so in July.

The weather's humid, temp's 23-32 c and the only people actually standing and doing nothing in the wet are the tourists and visitors.

Nothing like sitting on the beach (in a beach shack!), the rains beating down, the wind howling round and in your ears, a mug of chilled beer and a sizzling hot portion of masala fried prawns for company!

Finished my Sunday morning with a portion of rechado mackerels and my second pint of beer.

If you like what you see, then do join me! - I'm there most days near the seaside, waiting and itching to go out on the waters.

From October 2011, onwards, Goa Kayaking will also be providing the best in Sailing, River fishing/angling, crabbing, scuba diving, jet skiing, para sailing and the complete aqua experience!

Look forward to special day excursions, especially designed by us to take you off the beaten track and explore and experience a part of Goa, never seen by by visitors!

All this and more will be put up in the next fortnight.

For any immediate requirements or queries, please call me on +91 9422056037 or mail and we shall be happy to answer them by return mail.

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