Monday, May 23, 2011

Come, Sail with me!

Single handed dinghy sailing was one of the things on my must do wishlist.

But how do I go about it?

Sailing, while available in Goa, was not user friendly, there was alway the fear of a capsize, the terminology archaic, the boats were daunting in short a real damper in my quest to fly on the waters with the wind!

This was exactly what turned me off and I presume, the hundreds of others like me, who had similar aspirations.

T'was time to do something about it - that's Goa Sailboats for you!

We at Goa Sailboats will bring sailing to the aspiring recreational sailor who just wants to feel the wind in his hair (and sails!) and learn the simple joys of sailing, in a most uncomplicated and user friendly way.

We are certain we can make you a capable day sailer within 4 days - just enough to sail in our many bays and wide rivers.

We will be using the top of the line Walker Bay 10 - the most simple of single sailing dinghies but with all the joys of sailing bundled in!

The Walker Bay RID 310R with an inflatable collar all round is one of the safest sailing dinghies in the world - one you could confidently set sail in and master the basics in just 4 days.

So keep your eyes peeled - and await further announcements in the next few days.

For details, call Prakash on +91 9422056037 or mail

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