Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Heat is on!

The heat is on! Its been a sizzling summer so far!

Come cool off with early morning trips in the Zuari and the Mandovi.


A 7.30 am. putin from Siridao beach as we paddle up river onan incoming tide.
Pull out 2.5 hrs. later at the Agaccaim jetty belowthe Zuari bridge.


Panaji to Ribander - putin at the Panaji ferry jetty and finish 2 hrs. later at the Ribander jetty.

24-04-2011 and repeat on 26-04-2011

 Agassaim Bridgehead to Siridao/Bambolim beach

Putin at 6.0 am. at the Agassaim jetty below the bridge and finish 2-3 hrs. later at Siridao/Bambolim.

Jus' u and the river!
Serenity guaranteed! A meditative experience at its best!

Call 9422056037 for details or mail

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