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Learn Kayaking this Summer at Hollant Bay and Vainguinim Beach!

FAQs’ about Goa Kayaking’s Introduction to Kayaking and Training Program

What is a Kayak?

A kayak is a small boat (generally single or dual seater) derived from the traditional hunting and fishing boats of the Eskimos.

It is maneuvered with a double bladed paddle consisting of a streamlined blade on either side.

Sit on top (the ones which are the most popular in Goa and used for the training) kayaks are best suited for Goa’s warm tropical climes’ and these recreational /touring kayaks, have exceptional stability.

The single seater sit-on top is perfect for surfing and also for visiting those difficult to go places in the shallows and mudflats in the teeming mangroves.

What are kayaks made of?

Kayaks are generally made of Roto-moulded, thermoformed Polyethylene (plastic), composites(FRP/fibreglass), wood or many new age materials like Kevlar or poly carbonate. They are light weight, extremely durable and virtually unsinkable.

The paddles have alloy/carbon composite shafts with either polycarbonate or polypropylene blades.

All kayaks used by Goa Kayaking have a very high buoyancy of 110 kg. to 125 kg.

This means that it can take any weight rating in the range with very high secondary stability.

Where can you paddle a kayak?

You can paddle your kayak in the sea, lake, rivers, backwaters or a bunded fishing/irrigation pond. A Kayak does not need a license, is not dependent on the breeze, waves or currents. It is a sport which only requires simple access to the water and can be enjoyed like a pleasant bicycle ride in the evening.

Who can go/learn kayaking?

Kayaking simply put, is bicycling on the waters. In other words, if you are fit to cycle, then you can most certainly go/learn kayaking. Goa Kayaking has trained kayakers right from 8 years till 63 years old!

Do I need to know how to swim?

Goa Kayaking prefers trainees who know the basics of swimming (though it is not a must) as then they have no fear of the water and the trainers can focus fully on the kayaking.

Do I have to bring anything along?

No you don’t! Goa Kayaking provides all the equipment like kayaks, paddles, lifejackets, safety services, etc.

However we advise all trainees to carry fresh towels, change of clothes, a bottle of water and a small snack/bar of chocolate/banana/apple.

Would I be able to enrol as I have to be at work by 10.0 am?

No fears! Goa Kayaking will ensure that all working/employed trainees are pooled in the first or second batches which start at 7.0/8.0 am. respectively.

As far as possible, children will be given the later batches, especially the last, as it gives them more time to enjoy themselves.

Can I enroll along with my children?

Yes, you can. Many families do just that! In fact it would add to the fun when the whole family goes kayaking/ spends a day on the waters.

What about safety aspects during the training?

Goa Kayaking’s skilled and expert trainers will guide the budding kayakers, both young and old alike, step by step as they learn the different skills in the water.

It is mandatory that all trainees wear a life jacket(PFD) and at all times will be accompanied/escorted by the trainer on the water.

In addition, Goa Kayaking has tied up with Goa Tourism, Drishti and Surf Life Saving Goa for additional safety services and a jetski with 2 lifeguards will be on the water at all times keeping an eagle’s eye on the kayakers.

Could you tell me something about what to wear to the beach for the program?

Ideally wear Board Shorts/Tights and a rash vest or long sleeves’ T shirt (synthetic not cotton) that is quick drying. Alternately, any pair of shorts/t shirt will do.

Apply/carry sun block cream, SPF35 or higher.

A pair of rubber sole neoprene shoes (preferable) or crocs / rubber shoes/waterproof sandals (with a strap behind) will do.

A cap/floppy hat preferably one that covers the back of the neck and a pair of sun glasses(with a tie) will help to keep you cool on the waters.

I’m convinced! And would like to join/enroll my children. Where should I go?

Rush to

Angleys Sports, Opp.the Municipal Garden, Panaji (Phone:2223119)

or to

Nobert’s Fitness Studio, Miramar Dona Paula Road (Phone:2462162)


Goa Kayaking, Airport Road, Chicalim 403711 (Phone: 9422056037/0832-2541715)

fill in the details and pay your course fees of Rs.3500/-.

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