Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GK Expedition NO.5

Goa Kayaking expedition No.5

The next expedition is planned in the Zuari river on Sunday, November 15, 2009 from San Jacinto Island, Sancoale to Cortalim bridge head.

We plan to leave from San Jacinto at 7-7.15 am. in the morning and reach Cortalim bridgehead near the ferry point by 9.30-10 am.

We will also have a return float back to San Jacinto from Cortalim from 10 am. -12.30 am. provided we get the minimum numbers.

The costs are as follows:
GK members with own kayaks Rs. 600.00
GK members using GK kayaks Rs.1350.00
Others with own kayaks Rs. 1100.00
GK trainees using GK kayaks Rs. 2000.00
Others using GK kayaks Rs.2700.00

Expeditions are planned for every Sunday and holiday in different places and different waters around Goa and Karwar. customized expeditions can also be arranged on weekdays as required.
Limited kayaks - so call early.

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